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Ansys Autodyn Short Duration, Severe Loading Simulations

Simulate the response of materials to events ranging from short duration severe mechanical loadings, high pressures and even explosions. Ansys Autodyn provides advanced solution methods without compromising ease of use.

Expertly Handle Your Simulations of Complex Material Response

Ansys Autodyn makes it easy to quickly understand and simulate large material deformation or failure. Autodyn has a range of models to represent complex physical phenomena such as the interaction of liquids, solids and gases; the phase transitions of materials; and the propagation of shock waves.

  • Model Solids, Liquids and Gases and their interactions
  • Complex material models populated with data
  • Multiple Solvers in One Model interacting with each other
  • Fully automatic contact and coupling


A Range of Solver Schemes Integrated into One Product

The smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) solver completes the picture to provide everything needed for explicit analysis. Ansys Autodyn lets you select from different solver technologies so the most effective solver can be used for a given part of the model.
The Lagrangian FE solvers enable fast and efficient solutions when looking at structural components subjected to shock loading and large deformations. Two Euler solver formulations give you the ability to model high speed fluid flow, as well as an alternative way to simulate extreme plastic flow of solid materials.

Key Features

Ansys Autodyn offers a way to simulate your experiment set up so you can reduce and simplify physical testing

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