Ansys Startup Program: Discounted Engineering Software for Eligible Startups

At Ansys, we’re committed to helping you solve your engineering challenges. Our industry-leading simulation software is bundled by physics area and priced for early-stage startups, without limitations.

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Startup Program Offering

Faced with limited funding and revenue, many startups must rely on building and testing physical prototypes to verify product performance, which often requires considerable financial and human resources. The physical prototyping process is also notoriously time-consuming, which increases barriers for winning the race to market against potential competitors.

The Ansys Startup Program equips the startup ecosystem with access to Ansys’ broad portfolio of simulation solutions, bundled and affordably priced to help early-stage startups grow their businesses while significantly reducing physical prototype tests.

Eligible startups get access to technical support, the opportunity to engage on mutually beneficial marketing opportunities, and the following product bundles spanning many areas of physics:

  • Structures & Fluids Bundle
  • Electromagnetics Bundle
  • Embedded Software Bundle
  • Optics and Photonics Bundle

Partnering with Today’s Startups to Deliver Tomorrow’s Reality

The Ansys Startup Program is built for early-stage startups with limited funding and revenue. We provide full access to multiphysics simulation software, coupled with high-performance computing, to help you tackle your engineering challenges quickly and cost-effectively.

In less than five years, more than 1,000 startups from 44 countries have chosen Ansys, spanning the autonomous, high-tech, energy, aerospace, automotive, 5G and healthcare industries.

Ansys Startup Program Eligibility

Ansys is committed to the startup ecosystem. We do our best to work with companies to find a solution that fits your specific situation and needs. To be eligible, your startup company must:

  • Be a privately held company
  • Be less than 10 years old as a company
  • Have less than USD $5 million in annual revenue
  • Not be an engineering consulting or simulation services company
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