Ansys Speos Design & Validation of Optical Systems

Optics and photonics play a critical role in the development of advanced, innovative products across a variety of applications and industries – from consumer electronics to health care, autonomy to aerospace and defense, and much (much!) more. The Ansys Optics solution suite provides the unique capability of simulating the behavior and propagation of light through optical and optically enabled products from the nano- to the macro- level, allowing for integrated modeling and co-simulation that enables the accurate and robust design of such products. Ansys Optics allows optical products to be visualized before they exist, delivering the ultimate design experience.

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Ansys Speos Design & Validation of Optical Systems

High Level Features


Let Ansys Optics simulation software drive you to the best solution, no matter what your project or application. The software suite allows you to easily solve complex optics and photonics problems and refine your design for best performance, measured both by precise metrics as well as (when required) visual appearance for perceived quality. Significantly elevate final product quality with true-to-life visual experiences and combine design and engineering processes into a single, connected workflow. Prepare and appraise virtual prototypes of an augmented reality headset, optical sensors on an autonomous vehicle, or a cockpit HMI in a real-time, immersive environment– all with the diversity offered by Ansys Optics.


Optical Products

Ansys speos


Ansys Speos delivers an intuitive and comprehensive user interface, enhanced productivity with use of GPUs for simulation previews and easy access to the Ansys multiphysics ecosystem.

Ansys Zemax Opticsbuilder

Empower optical and mechanical teams to work together efficiently. Design exceptional optical products with faster manufacturing and time to market.

Ansys Zemax OpticStudio

Get everything you need to simulate, optimize, and tolerance your optical designs. Design high-confidence virtual prototypes that you can thoroughly analyze before manufacturing.


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