Oil & Gas Engineering

Simulation-led digital transformation is enabling the oil and gas industry to optimize production and processes, operate in harsher environments and integrate new autonomous, electric and connected technologies.

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The Digital Era for Oil & Gas

As the global energy balance continues to shift, the oil and gas segment is challenged to optimize the performance of existing production and processing assets while incorporating new autonomous, electric and connected technologies. That’s all while simultaneously managing the cost and complexity of increasingly harsh operating environments, and still focusing on safety, reliability and environmental stewardship. Digital transformation is critical to the next era for oil and gas.

  • Drilling and Production
  • Refining and Petrochemicals
  • Transportation and Storage
  • Industrial IoT & Digital Twin
Oil & Gas


Ansys simulation solutions are applied broadly across the oil & gas segment to accelerate its digital transformation. Our applications support improvements to traditional upstream, midstream and downstream operations, as well as the introduction of new technologies such as autonomous, electric and connected systems, additive manufacturing and digital twins for predictive maintenance.

Environmental Pollution Control

Environmental Pollution Control

Learn how Ansys’ multiphysics simulation enables the design and optimization of technologies that reduce emissions, energy use and waste.

Electronics Reliability

Electronics Reliability

Learn how Ansys integrated electronics reliability tools can help you solve your biggest thermal, electrical and mechanical reliability challenges.


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