High-Tech: Electronic Product Design Engineering

Intelligent connectivity is transforming our world beyond recognition from autonomous vehicles to the Industrial Internet of Things. Simulation is critical to making these technologies a reality.

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Simulation from Silicon to the City

For 5G, autonomous vehicles, smart products, homes, cities, and factories to become reality, the enabling electronics technologies must deliver unprecedented levels of reliability. With innumerable sensors, microprocessors, and communication components, engineers face immense product reliability and performance challenges. Engineering simulation plays a critical role in helping high-tech companies deliver innovative and reliable products that achieve and exceed their target performance, energy-efficiency, cost, and speed-to-market goals.

  • Optimize Power, Performance and Cost
  • Increase Product Reliability
  • Accelerate Innovation
High tech


High tech electronics systems are the backbone for disruptive transformations occurring in industries ranging from mobility to energy, to the fourth industrial revolution and in silico healthcare. Ansys delivers high-tech electronics simulation applications spanning from the scale of silicon in semiconductor design and fabrication, to thermal and electronic reliability in packages and systems to electrically large environments such as cities.



Autonomy is driving progress across sectors, from factory robots to autonomous vehicles to machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies that drive automation itself.

5G (1)


Engineers use Ansys simulation solutions to develop 5G technologies from devices to networks to data centers.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

The Internet of Things changed the way we live with smart devices. Now it’s changing the way we manufacture and produce nearly everything. simulate what connects machines and processes to build digital twins based on real-world data.


Chip-Package System

Ansys’ complete printed circuit board (PCB) design solution enables you to simulate PCBs, integrated circuits (ICs), and packages and accurately evaluate an entire system.

Electronics Reliability

Electronics Reliability

Learn how Ansys integrated electronics reliability tools can help you solve your biggest thermal, electrical and mechanical reliability challenges.

Antenna Design and Placement

Antenna Design and Placement

Electromagnetic simulation of antenna design and its interaction with the entire system enables you to evaluate antenna placements, EMI/co-site interference and more.

Electrifified Powertrain

Electrified Powertrain System Integration

Integrate highly complex, electric vehicle and hybrid-electric vehicle powertrains and their subsystems and components with Ansys simulation software.


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