Ansys simulation solutions speed new technology into service and increase confidence in mission success by predicting real-world performance.

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Holding the Edge Through Digital Engineering

When it comes to defense technology, an advantage gained today is far more fleeting than in previous generations. That’s why it’s not enough to get ahead; the real imperative is to stay ahead.

The goal is obvious: dramatically accelerate the delivery of new technology. Defense leaders agree, and many have already called for an end to the era of massive platform programs that span decades. Militaries today are demanding systems that support rapidly evolving technology.

Building those kinds of systems, and maintaining and improving them, will require radical change: digital transformation. Simulation solutions from Ansys are essential to digital transformation because they accelerate innovative leaps, reduce costs, and mitigate risks — all of which enable organizations to create better products faster.

  • Reduce risks and timelines
  • Validate requirements immediately
  • Transition to operations rapidly
  • Get better and faster portfolio investment insights

Defense Technology Trends and Applications

Ansys software is integral to many rapidly advancing technologies and can be found serving a vast array of purposes across an equally vast array of industries. To learn more about how our simulation solutions contribute to the technology trends and application areas that are most relevant to the defense industry, check out the pages highlighted here.


Avionics and Flight Control System

Ansys offers a model-based approach for driving the analysis, development, and certification of avionics software. Our solutions provide key safety analysis methods and embedded software development tools that enable you to efficiently ensure functional safety, mitigate cybersecurity threats, and develop certified embedded software.

Antenna Design and Placement

Antenna Design and Placement

Electromagnetic simulation of antenna design and its interaction with the entire system enables you to evaluate antenna placements, EMI/co-site interference and more.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

Ansys offers solutions that use AI/ML methods to automatically find simulation parameters to improve speed and accuracy simultaneously.This powerful technology can guide early product optimization efforts to help engineers quickly find the best design based on thousands of parameters.

Gas turbines

Gas Turbines

Ansys gas turbine simulation solutions enable you to design and optimize the next generation of gas turbines.


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