Electronics / Electromagnetics

Low and high frequency electromagnetic simulation

ANSYS simulation software enables comprehensive analyses of the electrical and magnetic behavior of drives, PCBs, antennas, converters and sensors.
This makes it possible to efficiently characterize their real behavior.

Highlights at a glance

  • Determination of parasitic effects
  • Analysis of power and signal integrity
  • Enhancement of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
  • Thermal analysis of electronic assemblies
  • Interfaces for thermal-mechanical simulation

The core four: Foundational Electronics Products


Ansys HFSS not only supports the Finite Element Method (FEM), it is cutting-edge tool offering a number of complimentary techniques such as integral equations (IE), shooting bouncing rays (SBR) and transient discontinuous Galerkin time-domain (DGTD). This presentation highlights key HFSS FEM foundational technologies along with a broad overview of the various HFSS solver offerings.

Fully coupled EM simulation of the largest & most complex systems with new Mesh fusion technology in HFSS Mesh fusion provides best-in-class parallel meshing technology within HFSS enabling fast simulation of large electromagnetic systems. It will help extract S-parameters of your complete system in a matter of minutes vs hours. You can drastically reduce the simulation time and increase the simulation speed of solving large EM structures. Take advantage of multiple cores available to you for simulation.


HFSS Regions within SIwave, a unique ANSYS SIwave technology that bolsters the accuracy of simulating signal nets with 3D discontinuities such as bondwires, vias and solderballs.

EMI Scanner can quickly identify areas of potential interference on your PCB design prior to simulation. This new feature included within ANSYS SIwave and ANSYS HFSS quickly identifies potential trouble spots that require further investigation. It eliminates errors and speeds time to market.


When evaluating printed circuit board designs, engineers are faced with the challenge of balancing three broad areas of product reliability – electrical, thermal and mechanical reliability. This presentation outlines a workflow between Ansys Sherlock, Ansys Icepak, Ansys SIwave and Ansys Mechanical that combines simulations with reliability physics principles to evaluate and mitigate potential failure risks early in the design phase.

This presentation demonstrates an automated process for thermal modeling of printed circuit boards, including a workflow to translate ECAD data to a thermal and mechanical model in Ansys Icepak, followed by the transfer of results into Ansys Sherlock for solder fatigue analysis.


Ansys Maxwell introduces the new breakthrough slice only simulation technology in 2021 R1 for simulation of any 3D complex electric machine geometry. The results generated for are very fast and much more accurate compared to any other approach in the past. The secret lies in the solver using non-planar radial cuts automatically as boundary conditions when meshing, , thus reducing all sorts of inaccuracies on matching boundaries and increasing the accuracy enormously.

Learn how some Ansys Customers have been able to address product development challenges by adopting Ansys solutions for electric machine design. Key technical capabilities for initial motor design and advanced electromagnetic analysis are discussed. Details on Multiphysics analysis, material modeling, optimization and system modeling are presented.

Ansys electronic solutions help you design innovative and efficient electrical and electronic products. The electromagnetic field, circuitry, and multidisciplinary system fully automates the development process so that you can better understand how your products perform. You can quickly optimize your project using simulation rather than wasting time creating and testing expensive prototypes. Whether it’s a computer chip, a circuit board, a cell phone, an electronic component in a car, or an entire communication system, Ansys solutions help create the best products.


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